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AP English Testing Information
AP English is designed to prepare students for two different AP tests in May of 2015, each worth three college credits with a passing score.
Both tests are three hours in length and consist of approximately fifty multiple choice questions and three essays. One hour is allowed for the multiple choice section and two hours for the essays. Students will get approximately forty minutes per essay, and the essays need to be full, four-or five-paragraph essays.

The first test is AP Language and Composition. This test focuses on the structure of language and non-fictional pieces. The multiple choice section includes questions about grammar, syntax, rhetorical analysis, and reading comprehension. Of the three essays, two focus on non-fictional pieces, often newspaper or magazine articles – one is usually quite old, the other more recently published. The third essay is a free response question focusing, usually, on current issues. Passing this class, for South Dakota universities, generally gets students out of Freshman Composition at college.

The second test is AP English Literature. This test focuses on poetry and fiction. The multiple choice section asks questions that focus on literary terms, interpretations, and reading comprehension. The essays have students analyze a poem or poems, a fictional passage, usually a short story or section of a novel, and a free response question based on a novel or play that the student has already read. Passing this test, usually, is the equivalent of Introduction to Literature, a sophomore level English course.
While I have listed the general equivalents for the courses, it is always a good idea to check with the college you are thinking of attending to find out the actual equivalents. The tests are scored from one to five, with a score of three serving as a passing score for most universities, but this would also be a good thing to check, as some universities do require a score of four to pass out of some courses.

Students will be given the choice in March or April to register for one or both tests. The cost of each is approximately $85.00. While passing is not guaranteed, this cost is significantly less than the cost of three college credits.

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