Welcome to Creative Writing!!!!

If you are taking this course, you, like I, enjoy writing and creating stories. During this semester we will be exploring free writing, poetry writing, short story creation, and drama. There will be times of structured writing, and times to pursue your own preferences.

Journaling will be an integral part of the class. You will keep a writing journal that you are required to write in daily. There is no set amount that you need to write, just a requirement to be writing each and every day. This journal is not a diary, but should be a writing journal where you record ideas and observations. This is also not a journal for anyone's eyes but your own. I will do a journal check each week to ensure that you are indeed writing each day, but I will not be reading your journal. Getting in the habit of writing daily is an important habit for a writer to develop and nurture. The journal is one tool to do this. We will also be writing the first 20 minutes of each class period, and journal writing can be done during this time.

Poetry Unit.
During this unit we will explore a variety of different types and styles of poems, from Haiku to Sonnets, structured to free verse. We will review and practice the age-old literary methods used to create images and meanings, from onomatopoeia to metaphor and simile.

Short Story Unit.
Writing short stories is a clear precursor to writing novels, and we will explore the fictional process in this unit. We will discuss and practice characterization, plot, story elements, etc.

Drama Unit.
Of all the units, this is the only one where you will be required to collaborate with others in the classroom. We will work to write plays, skits, sitcoms, and movies. This will be done both singly and in groups. In addition to other requirements in this unit, your group will need to create an iMovie of the script that is written.

The grading in the unit will be based on three separate components: journaling 20%, class time usage 20%, and portfolio creation 60%. At the end of each unit, students will need to assemble a portfolio of the best examples of their work. Portfolio guidelines are below.

Portfolio Guidelines:
Poetry Unit: Six poems of any form

Short Story Unit: Two complete short stories

Drama Unit: One individual play and one group play or two group plays

Final portfolios are due by May 6th, though individual components may be due prior to this

The final weeks of the class will be devoted to "publishing" 3-7 of students' favorite pieces and sharing iMovies.