Senior Picture Deadlines

This year for the yearbook, our staff will need two items: a baby picture and a senior picture.

The baby picture can be anything from infant to elementary years.

The senior picture should be an upper body shot in color.

Photos may be submitted in two ways:

You may give us an actual picture, which we will scan and return to you.
You can send in or e-mail an electronic copy of the photo. (Please make sure to scan at 600dpi if scanning photos.) E-mails can be sent to:

Please submit both pictures by December 1, 2014

Parent Ad Information

The West Central High School Yearbook offers parents the option to purchase a parent ad for their child in the back of the yearbook. Parents can include letters, pictures, and even poems to their children as a final send off. You can design this yourself or provide us with what you would like on the page, and we will put it together for you.

You can mail this to the school, send your request and information electronically through e-mail to or drop your information off at the office of the high school.

1/4 Page -- $30.00
1/2 Page -- $60.00
Full Page -- $120.00

The deadline for submissions is April 15, 2015